1. Economy

  • Cut taxes like the grocery tax and the Hall tax
  • Eliminated the inheritance tax
  • Cut red tape to stimulate job creation; saved the Bush plant from relocating out of state
  • Helped bring tax dollars back to the 11th District to build infrastructure for future development
  • Balanced the budget 2 years straight; did NOT borrow money
  • Endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business association
  • Brought Tennessee into the Top 5 in the nation for locating a business

2. Education

  • I believe in local control
  • I believe the Department of Education should be a resource, not a bureaucracy that mandates regulations
  • I want to change the current teacher evaluation process to cut some of the paper work
  • Voted against collective bargaining to give taxpayers a seat at the table

3. Crime

  • Sponsored & passed a bill that puts a breathalyzer in car of DUI offenders
  • Passed a bill that makes Aggravated Rape offenders serve 100% of sentence
  • Voted to restrict pain clinics/pill mills, eliminate bath salts & synthetic drugs
  • Working hard to eliminate child trafficking
  • Committed to eliminating drugs and gangs, and creating safer neighborhoods

4. Senior citizens & Veterans

  • I believe that taking care of our elderly citizens and our military veterans should be first priority
  • Always available to help with problems receiving insurance, Medicare, and state subsidy payments

5. Abortion

  • Pro-life
  • I believe all life is sacred and breathed of God, and that life begins at conception
  • Passed SJR 127 Constitutional Amendment

6. Hunting & 2nd Amendment

  • Member of NRA
  • Only legislator in 107th General Assembly to pass a bill that gave more freedom to carry guns in Tennessee
  • Awarded “Legislative Master of the Hunt” by the Tennessee Hunters Alliance
  • Voted to allow hunting of destructive wild hogs

My goals:

  • Continue to make Tennessee a better place to live, work, raise a family, and retire
  • Continue to fight for lower taxes
  • Make sure that we are getting our taxes back here to build infrastructure
  • Help build a better infrastructure by working with TDOT, TDEC, & state officials
  • Work to establish local community watch programs (bring in TBI)
  • Work for teachers to have a system that is justified to the students FIRST, and taxpayers and teachers second
  • Continue to work with local government officials to make sure we are being attractive to businesses
  • Take care of senior citizens and veterans who have paid into the system and deserve our finest care, not illegal aliens who have come over and are receiving benefits without paying in or serving