Reelection Fundraiser: 2013 Longshot Competition

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Reelection Campaign Fundraiser

Longshot Competition: Win a Ruger Model 77 .380 or a H&R 45/70!
Winners will also receive a free 3 month membership to the Second Amender’s Club at Greeneville Outfitters. Click Here for details!



DISARMED: A History of Gun Control

This is a documentary about the 2nd amendment that Jeremy was interviewed in.
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Back to the Capital

I came back to the Capital for the first time since the election. When I set down at my desk, I was overcome with emotions.
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Jeremy Faison WINS another term as Tennessee State House Representative of District 11

Thank you so much for intrusting me with this awesome responsibility of representing you to Nashville. I take very serious the job that I have been given and I will do all that I can to correctly represent your thoughts and values each time I vote in Nashville.
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Ronald Reagan – Man Of Faith

In honor of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, this video was made to show the President’s deeply held beliefs. It is not meant to be political, but rather, to show that even while holding the highest office in the land, he stayed true to his faith.
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