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The House committee on Government Ops, led by state Rep. Jeremy Faison, is serious about work

Conservatives often complain about the U.S. Congress passing laws then letting executive branch bureaucrats promulgate rules, design enforcement and set fees. So the actual effect of new laws is to allow unelected bureaucrats regulate the lives of citizens and businesses. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Republican supermajority in our state Legislature has decided […]



TN family plans move to Colorado for daughter’s cannabis oil

The family of 7-month-old Josie Mathes said they will leave behind East Tennessee for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in October. It is a move they do not want to make, but say they have to. Josie suffers from infantile spasms, and the Mathes family believes cannabis oil would help with her repeated seizures. To read […]



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Reelection Campaign Fundraiser

Longshot Competition: Win a Ruger Model 77 .380 or a H&R 45/70! Winners will also receive a free 3 month membership to the Second Amender’s Club at Greeneville Outfitters. Click Here for details!



DISARMED: A History of Gun Control

This is a documentary about the 2nd amendment that Jeremy was interviewed in. Click Here to watch

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